Would You Give a Five-Year-Old a Loaded Gun?

Would You Give a Five-Year-Old a Loaded Gun?Caring parents would never think of giving their five-year-old a loaded gun to play with. Many would have second thoughts about giving a loaded gun to inexperienced children at any age. The chances for mistake and injury are just too great.

The paper tells us every day of circumstances where children hurt themselves or others with a parent’s gun. The probabilities are high.

When we see that a child is hurt by a gun, we immediately wonder what the parents were doing and why was there not better supervision. Most parents see it is their responsibility to safeguard weapons and provide safety course instructions from qualified professionals to their heirs.

Expert qualifications will vary with the weapon. For some reason, parents do not recognize the same or greater dangers to their children of an inheritance that can change their children’s lives for better or worse.

When children receive an inheritance, the chances for mistake and injury are 70% according to many statistics. The chances of scarring are very high. The likelihood of being emotionally, morally, and professionally prepared without a specific plan that is executed is minimal.

The only question is, “Will the inheritance accidentally detonate?” So the inheritance is just as lethal to your child’s well-being as a loaded gun. Just as lottery distributions are often a life-damaging experience for most winners, so are inheritance distributions.

Even trusts with different distribution ages are staged payouts. The damage to self-esteem, relationships, and peace of mind often never heals.

Don’t let your life’s effort and gift of love become a curse. Learn and follow what successful multi-generational families do to prepare an heir for life’s challenges.

For more information about preparing your heirs to properly handle your estate, so they don’t hurt themselves or damage your legacy, visit our Legacy Library.

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