Best Estate Plan for You, Your Family, Heirs, and Beneficiaries

Match Your Estate Plan with Your PrioritiesTo create the perfect estate plan for you and your family, our goal is to help you match your vision of what an estate plan should be with your priorities for the future.

We believe, a good estate plan should (1) ensure your life-long comfort, (2) create eternal peace of mind, and (3) establish a legacy worthy of your heritage, your vision, and your life’s work. Here is how we integrate your vision and goals with our approach:

Beyond Traditional Estate Plan Documents

Traditional Estate
Plan Documents
  • Key Information
  • Your Living Trust
  • Pour-Over Will
  • Funding Powers
  • Durable Financial Power of Attorney
  • Affidavit and/or Certification of Trust
  • Funding Instructions
  • Trust Transfer Documents
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Location Lists
  • Health Care Powers
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Personal Effects

Our estate planning process combines the traditional need for legal documentation with a non-traditional approach that lays the groundwork to define what is “true wealth” to you and your family.

With regular attention and care, our process provides the tools and guidelines to create the kind of legacy you envision for yourself and your family — the legacy you have worked your entire life to define and obtain.

10 Additional Considerations

Our unique estate planning process includes 10 areas beyond a traditional estate plan:

  1. Wellness
  2. Property & Stories
  3. Minor Care & Advancements
  4. Purpose, Guidelights & Guidelines
  5. Risks & Special Needs
  6. True Wealth
  7. Heirs & Charities
  8. Family
  9. Family Tree Info
  10. Correspondence

Estate Planning Priorities

Our Personal Estate Planning Priorities Survey, in combination with our Estate Settlement Priorities survey, will help determine your vision and goals for your estate plan and how it is administered by your heirs. These are the estate planning priorities you should consider and rank to determine your true intents for the future:

  • Family peace and harmony after I am gone.
  • My message to my heirs is that family values and morals are more important than money.
  • My heirs are helped and not hurt by inheritance from me.
  • My heirs are able to hear my voice, love and values in my documents.
  • Inheritance from me is not wasted or frittered away.
  • Education and mentoring for one or more heirs is available as needed.
  • My heirs are concerned for each other’s children and grandchildren.
  • I pay the lowest estate taxes possible.
  • My estate transfers to heirs at the lowest possible cost.
  • My life and health are supported exactly as I intend and deserve.

After you rank your estate planning priorities, you are then in a position to build an estate plan that matches your preferred priorities, instead of your attorney’s, so your life, health, and dreams are supported exactly as you intend and deserve.

Take the Survey: Estate Planning Priorities Survey

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