Generational Success with Inheritance: Develop Balance and Eliminate Sources of Conflict

Typical estate plan legal documents and financial plans cannot address issues concerning the meaning of legacy, how it is created, and where money comes into the picture. Most of these documents do not have language for discussing true wealth – the intangible and tangible values of family, personal capabilities, education, values, faith and gifts to loved ones.

Traditional estate plan documents consider transferring financial assets, but they do not consider whether or not the beneficiary of that wealth is balanced and properly prepared to use those assets in a manner that promotes personal and generational success and well-being.

Generational Well-Being: Match Family Purpose with Finances

Many families and individuals do not understand generational well-being and how the financial component fits together with the core purpose of the family, it’s values and its legacy. This gap causes a high percent of families and heirs to be harmed by wealth transfer.

The Family Trust Institute helps ensure family success over generations by viewing people and families beyond just financial assets controlled by laws and documents. You, your family and your heirs are more than just balance sheets and “loot” to be distributed to lottery winners by formula. Our estate planning tools and resources assist your family transfer of tangible and intangible assets to the greater health and well-being of loved ones.

We provide tools and a holistic approach to sustain family wellness and the balance of each members’ wealth pillars through major life transitions. Our process proactively addresses areas of potential conflict to protect family harmony and opportunity. We connect your priceless values and intangible wealth to the assets you would transfer. We customize our legal approach to your family’s journey and needs with flexibility for next generations.

Your Four Pillars of Wealth

We address the four pillars of wealth and provides holistic services before, during and after the transition process. Our unique approach assists clients’ efforts to ensure the balance of the four pillars throughout the generations. We help prevent loved ones from getting out of balance and damaging family wealth, legacy, and individual lives by addressing many non-financial sources of conflict before transition.

Using our “100 year perspective” and processes can enhance and protect your wishes, support a healthy “centeredness” for loved ones in all dimensions of life, and protect family harmony.

For wealth transfer purposes, consider that your thinking, relationships and assets are all in balance with your focus, energy and life purpose – i.e. your alignment. The level of competence and sophistication required to maintain this dynamic balance in your world also determines your lifestyle. If your assets triple overnight or even in installments, your equilibrium will be upset.

A new balance must be sought involving another level of thinking, relationships and alignment. As a wealth-builder, under normal circumstances you are usually in control of this process. Your wealth pillars usually grow together.

Your children are not all wealth-builders at your level of competence and sophistication. When inheritance arrives, as when someone wins the lottery, the equilibrium of your loved one is stressed when the inheritance substantially increases net assets or income. A new equilibrium must be sought.

Often the inheritance is toxic to alignment, relationships and good thinking practices. Unprepared heirs can be DNA lottery winners. Your gift threatens not only the wealth transfer. Individual lives can be disrupted and damaged. This can take decades to repair, if at all.


A Different Approach

Your documents can share your thinking, relationships and alignment in ways that help your heirs grow their own mind, heart and spirit for the assets you leave with them. The context of your message and instructions can focus on what is important to successful, balanced living. If stress would occur, your documents can be a road map back to balance and away from the harm of being separated from their wealth, family, and friends. Standard estate plans do not do this.

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What Makes Us Unique

The accumulation of money is never the goal for a family with purpose. Our approach to estate planning and the processes we advocate help you get to the core of what is important. When you align your legal and financial documents with your vision and your intangible wealth, a different and more rich conversation is created. This adds meaningful language and preparedness enhancements to family understanding. These enhancements can ultimately ensure that assets are not just there for the immediate generation, but for multiple generations to come.

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