Legacy Planning: The New Wealth Paradigm

Will Your Legacy Planning Strategy Secure Your Wealth and Protect Your Family’s Future?

How secure do you feel about your family legacy planning? Will your family legacy be like the Rothschild’s, still going strong after 300 years, or the Vanderbilt’s, who squandered an unimaginable fortune in three generations? Watch this fascinating video to learn why one family has succeeded for centuries while the other one failed to prolong its stature after accumulating immense wealth and influence.

Take Steps To Plan Your Legacy

Evaluate Status

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Evaluate your family’s odds of achieving a successful asset transition. Complete the 1O-question Estate Transition Checklist to determine how prepared you and your family are to achieve your asset transition goals.

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Determine Priorities

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Our Personal Estate Planning Priorities Survey, in combination with the Estate Transition Checklist, will help determine your vision and goals for your estate plan and how it is administered by your heirs.

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