Estate Planning Priorities Survey

Determine Your Estate Plan PrioritiesYour current level of success is most likely based on realistic business goals and priorities that aligned with your vision and dreams for the future.

Because you have made some of your previous dreams come true and you are planning for the next phase of your success, you probably now need a new set of goals and priorities that match your current dreams.

Our Personal Estate Planning Priorities Survey, in combination with the Estate Transition Check List, will help determine your vision and goals for your estate plan and how it is administered by your heirs. It will also tell you where you may have gaps in your current planning.

Take the Survey to Record Current Goals & Priorities

After you read the entire list below, just check the statements that are important or true for you.

Submit the form to email a copy to yourself. In a way, this list is your personal definition of what an Estate Plan should be. It is also a reminder of your unique priorities when you are ready to create your estate plan. Keep these priorities in mind when you make estate planning decisions.

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