Legacy Planning & Wealth Building

Legacy Planning RetreatYour success has been hard-earned and full of important lessons about the value of each and every dollar you’ve received or spent.

You’ve burned the midnight oil once too often, but recognize that is what it took to get to the point of being a successful entrepreneur with a loving family and an important role in your community.

Job well done!

But how do you ensure your family and community continue to benefit from your efforts rather than being hurt by them?

Big Money for Many Generations

Our 2-day legacy planning retreat will show you how to use strategic tax-reduction strategies to convert your assets into secure and long-lasting wealth.

Next Retreat: August 21-22 in Las Vegas — no more than 12 participants. (4 seats remain as of June 6)

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  • Learn how to add flesh to the bones of the non-tax-based goals of your estate plan that support the massive benefits of our tax-friendly asset protection structures.
  • Create your own customized road map to reach your goals, including your family mission, vision, and money tree. We supply the templates, forms, documents and other technical tools needed to create your map.
  • Day 1 focuses on asset protect and legacy planning.
  • Day 2 focuses on the tax strategies that align with the planning road map you created on Day 1.


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Defend Against Volatile Forces for Generations

How do you protect your life’s work from the many outside volatile forces in the world, as well as from the highly-charged and dynamic forces within your own family and businesses?

  • Every family and business has personal/personnel issues to overcome.
  • We all pay taxes and eventually die.
  • Global market stability is unpredictable due to [icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#dd3333″ size=”14″] the changing world order, [icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#dd3333″ size=”14″] environmental issues, [icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#dd3333″ size=”14″] political and religious extremists, [icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#dd3333″ size=”14″] stock market swings, [icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#dd3333″ size=”14″] etc., etc., etc.


Follow Formulas Used by Successful Families

It is neither good luck nor bad luck that determines which successful families maintain their assets through multiple generations and which families lose their wealth quickly.
Smart planning and pro-active follow-through set truly successful families apart from those families whose influence and impact comes and goes within just three generations.

A definite pattern of behavior is clearly visible when you observe families that have succeed through multiple generations:

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  • Commitment to well-defined core family values, such as education, philanthropy, public service, family reunions, etc.
  • Conscious efforts to prepare heirs and beneficiaries to successfully receive and manage the assets at their disposal. When you eliminate the causes of conflict and disharmony, you develop well-balanced heirs who can handle the responsibilities of your family assets and legacy.
  • Deep understanding that true wealth is more about a family’s intangible assets than its financial and real estate portfolio.
  • A formal structure and communication system that keeps family members involved in each others lives, to ensure that your family’s love and sense of shared responsibility, to each other and the community, is effectively demonstrated and passed down to each generation.
  • Long-term team of family advisers who bring high levels of technical expertise and outsider objectivity. To preserve and grow your family legacy, consistent strategies and advise from one generation to the next provides the best chance for consistent results through the ages.


Periodic Table of Estate Planning ElementsStructures For Success

Our personal planning services deliver unique asset protection formulas, based on a customized strategic combination of strategic investment programs and technical tools, which lead to maximum asset protection, to defend against the many known and unknown volatile forces that risk the prosperous future you and your heirs desire and deserve.

View our Estate Planning Periodic Table to see the many options we have available to custom-design an estate plan that exactly meets your specific goals for the future. To see how these options can be used in situations that may be similar to yours, read our technical Estate Planning Case Studies.


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