I have a lot of info below about free calculators that are available, both online and embeddable. But first, let’s take a look at a for-fee company that develops time-saving software solutions to serve the needs of tax, legal, leasing, banking, and other financial professionals.

TimeValue Software

TimeValue (TCalc) offers a wide variety of Mortgage, Personal Finance, Investment, Retirement, and Lease Calculators. TCalc online financial calculators are presented in a simple question and answer format. Dynamic charts and payment schedules make calculations fun and very informative.

TCalc financial calculators can be up and running in minutes and seamlessly integrate into the exact look and feel of your website. TimeValue Software will provide code for you to insert into your page with your order confirmation. It’s that simple! Control the style and look of your online financial calculators using simple style sheets.

Help is only a phone call away. Give TimeValue Software a call at 800-426-4741 for assistance with any technical questions and find out for yourself how TCalc online financial calculators are being used in websites for a business similar to yours.

Annual costs are on a Per Calculator basis:

  • 1 @ $50 each
  • 2-5 @ $45 each
  • 6-10 @ $40 each
  • 11-15 @ $35 each
  • 16-45 @ $30 each
  • One Time Setup Fee Added at Checkout

Additionally, you can select a specially priced bundle or pick and choose the TCalc online financial calculator(s) that best meet your needs. All Save discounts are as compared to a $50 per unit price. Bundles are discounted beyond the volume discount.

This Product Overview (PDF opens in new window) provides a lot of info about the product, and illustrates why I think it may be worth the cost for us.

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