Protect your balance sheet from a 15-27% reduction due to Capital Gains Taxes

What is The 1031 Stretchout℠?

The 1031 Stretchout lets you defer some or all of your capital gains on the sale of an asset by making us your resellers. It converts appreciated capital transactions, including most non-qualified properties, into deferred sales.

1. Invest in any asset class with 100% of the asset value sold instead of the after-tax amount

2. Protect your balance sheet from 15 to 27% reduction when you sell your biggest assets

3. Protect you passive income options, your spouse and loved ones, and your legacy from immediate loss and from future market reversals because the 1031 Stretchout℠ gives you more leverage

4. Defer and reduce taxes cause by downside risk; indefinitely defer taxes for upside risk

5. Transform your capital transaction taxes into consumption taxes, since you only pay when you take income from your deferral

6. Reduce your estate and gift taxes by 50% or eliminate them altogether

7. Combine the 1031 Stretchout℠ and the Legacy Protector℠ to enhance and strengthen your legacy and have a more reliable path to ensure your assets won’t hurt your loved ones.

All of these benefits are typically paid from about 10% of your tax savings, with no money required out of pocket.

A Deferral Can Save Over 30% of Your Dollars

Right Off the Bat

Capital Gain Tax Calculator


Federal & Medicare CG Rate Reference:


Single Taxpayer Married Filing Jointly Capital Gain Tax Rate* Section 1411 Medicare Surtax*** Combined Tax Rate
$0-$36,250 $0-$72,500 0% 0% 0%
$36,250-$200,000 To $250,000 15% 0% 15%
$200,000-$400,000 To $450,000 15% 3.80% 18.80%
Over $400,000 $450,000+ 20% 3.80% 23.80%

*The Federal capital gain tax rate is generally 15% or 20% depending upon taxable income. Single taxpayers with over $400,000 in taxable income and taxpayers filing as married filing jointly with over $450,000 in taxable income pay the higher 20% capital gain tax rate.

**Collectibles (art, antiques, coins, metal, gems and certain other tangible personal property) held one year or longer are taxed at 28%.

***The 3.8% Medicare surtax only applies to “net investment income” as defined in IRC §1411.

The capital gain tax formula provided is to help you determine an approximate gain and amounts that may be deferred under Internal Revenue Code §1031.  FTI Investments, LLC, it’s officers or employees are not authorized or permitted under applicable laws to provide tax or legal advice to any client or prospective client of FTI. The tax related information contained herein or in any other communication that you may have with a representative of FTI should not be construed as tax or legal advice specific to your situation and should not be relied upon in making any business, legal or tax related decision.  A proper evaluation of the benefits and risks associated with a particular transaction or tax return position often requires advice from a competent tax and/or legal advisor familiar with your specific transaction, objectives and the relevant facts. We strongly urge you to involve your tax and/or legal advisor (or to seek such advice) in any significant real estate or business related transaction.

What This Calculator Doesn’t Tell You

While your money is safely held inside of your Family Bank, it GROWS.

That means 100% of your money keeps working for you rather than the 70% after taxes. That makes a HUGE difference in the long run.


Defer Capital Gains, Protect Your Balance Sheet, Let More Assets Work For You

When you sell appreciated assets or your business, earn income on 100% of each asset sold with the FTI 1031 Stretchout. 

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