When you sell appreciated assets or your business, earn income on 100% of each asset sold with the FTI Legacy Success Cycle

 What is The Legacy Success Cycle?

The Legacy Success Cycle℠ educates you about about matter you don’t even know that you don’t know — your most critical blindspots for transition planning, and provides a proven process for preparedness in ways that are fun and comprehensive.  We use a comprehensive methodology modeled after best practices of scientists, theologians, and philosophers to solve problems.

After education, The Legacy Success Cycle strengthens families and heirs as a unique “family protection program.”

This is the ultimate reason why The Family Trust Institute was formed – to end the intractable suffering to individuals, families and communities of “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations.” Whether your heirs destroy the wealth you’ve grown, or your wealth destroys those you love the most, the result is undesirable. Money managers can take over in ways that make family and individual heirs weak. Their administrative and fiduciary responsibilities do not extend to strengthening families or mentoring.

Begin with recognition that human capital is more important than financial capital; family values should be strengthened and passed on. We give you the formulas and tools others have used, so everyone is following a proven path to success.

When you are a FTI customer, no money is required out of pocket. Optional tools may involve occasional expense, usually at great value to your family, but those are always your choice. And everything can be paid with pre-tax dollars through FTI. We know people who charge $50,000 to $120,000 per year for legacy programs with less value than you’ll find in The Legacy Success Cycle℠.

Protect Your Legacy, Ensure Success,

Focus on What Matters


How you ensure family harmony and mutual support for future generations


How values are more important than money


How to protect against waste and bad decisions


How to ensure beneficiaries will be helped and not hurt by your efforts

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