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What is The FTI Family Bank?

Business owners have the unique ability to defer their income (and associated tax liability) into the future. In other words, instead of paying upwards of 50% or more immediately to the government, you can choose to take your income in the future and, in the meantime, use the government’s money to achieve tax-deferred growth.

Couple that with flexible investment options, including just about anything you read about in the Wall Street Journal, and you can start to understand the POWER of deferral. The best investment will often be in your own business.

The Family BankSM process has tremendous synergy with the Value Builder, and for retirement plan and creditor protection strategies.

See the Difference With FTI

Savings Without FTI vs With FTI

Do the Math.

When you’re making over $500,000, your money is heavily taxed on top of other income. 

Your Income

– (39.6% Federal + 10.4% State & Local)

= Net Income Before Expenses

With FTI You Keep 90% of Your Dollars. PLUS when you compound 10% Annual Growth, the difference is tremendous.

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The Family Bank Process

Adding growth and cash build-up through tax deferral, you will find The Family Bank program powerfully accelerates your escape velocity toward lifestyle security goals. It’s like giving yourself a raise every time you apply the power of another FTI tool. You really can dramatically accelerate the achievement of your dreams.

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