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What Is the Legacy Protector℠?

The Legacy Protector℠ complements our other programs with everything you need to protect your estate and legacy. University, family business and professional studies agree that 70% of estate plans “fail,” meaning “the heirs are involuntarily parted from their assets.” Those are expensive estate strategies. Family office studies prove complete ignorance of the risks and reasons why. Responsible management of these blind spots is in order, beginning with education.

• This is included without additional cost for customers of our tax deferral, wealth-building, and creditor protection programs.

• Others charge $4,000 to $10,000/month for similar services that are not nearly as well-organized or comprehensive

• We want to help you avoid the extraordinary cost of just one heir being unprepared for assets.

• We want a multi-generational success and business relationship with you and your loved ones.

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The Technical Coordinator℠

From private documents for adult children across the United States to funding directions, forms and processes to think through issues with children and caregivers, trustee directions, family settlement agreements, and estate purchases to minimize estate spend-downs and fighting and maximize protection, the Technical Coordinator℠ provides uniquely valuable, actionable advice to align your tax and assets with care for your loved ones.

If you are sure your heirs won’t be protected or your estate may be subject to litigation or confiscation, ask about The Legacy Guarantor.

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The Legacy Success Cycle℠

The Legacy Success Cycle℠ is a 4-part process that combines individual and family desires for development and contribution with financial well-being.

The Human Side of legacy planning is far less understood than the Technical Side of financial plans and legal documents.What you want, how your family works together on meaningful projects, and how heirs are experienced and prepared is part of the Human Side. The Legacy Success Cycle draws everyone’s focus to what matters. In-depth education with tools and processes, are all included in The Legacy Success Cycle℠.

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