The Maximizer

Looking for economic leverage to achieve retirement and legacy goals?

The Maximizer uniquely combines The 1031 Stretchout, The Value Builder, and The FTI Credit Resources to help you accomplish goals you may not have imagined possible.

From immediate expense and tax savings to the utilization of the best minds and systems for asset optimization and the usefulness of credit resources when scaling help you seize an opportunity, you begin to think differently about your future.

The 1031 Stretchout

The 1031 Stretchout combines long term capital gain and deferral strategies to leverage liquidity, income growth, and asset value.

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The Value-Builder

The Value Builder  uses value-add analysis MIT-developed algorithms and market-pricing to help you know what steps you can take to add value fastest and be prepared for a business exit.

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The FTI Credit Resources

Our credit resources for appropriate borrowers, with rates under 3%, that can nearly double the assets working for you in retirement.

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