The Technical Coordinator℠ helps you bring people and assets together to think through financial issues for the future.

What is The Technical Coordinator?

The Technical Coordinator℠ gives you everything you need to have your plan accomplish what you want.

We begin with your priorities; you’ll discover most plans do not address what is most important to you.

  1. Use our Virtual Estate Plan Software to create Will or Trust plans used by attorneys across the country.
  2. We provide the tools and systems to implement the plan you want.
  3. Bring your loved ones and advisor team alongside to keep it up to date with FTI’s powerful Legacy Success Cycle℠.

FTI’s unique Technical Coordinator℠ provides uniquely valuable, actionable advice and resources to align your tax and assets with care and well-being for your loved ones, and to minimize estate spend-downs and fighting, and maximize protection, including:


Private documents for children across the United States


Funding Direction


Forms and processes to think through issues with children and caregivers


Trustee Directions


Family Settlement Agreements


Estate Purchases

The Technical Coordinator℠

Aligns Your Family and Assets

Most people begin Estate Planning with the wrong definition. You waste precious time from there and usually never get on track.

Our unique approach starts with the RIGHT definition for your estate and legacy as defined by you.

Everyone intends to create a legacy, but few are conscious about it.

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