The Value Builder℠ combines MIT-developed algorithms, market-pricing, and strategic analysis to help you know exactly how to add value fastest and best prepare for a business exit

What is The Value Builder℠?

The FTI Value Builder is a process that tells you what your business is worth to real buyers and how to add value fastest.

We combine expertise from MIT, detailed data from the Pratt and BizComp databases of over 30,000 business sales, the know-how of 90 day sprints, and entrepreneurial tools from Strategic Coach and Three Gaps to enhance value quickly. We prepare you to sell or efficiently acquire other companies. Our tax deferral approach adds dollars to build with and dollars to your enterprise value. The Value Builder℠ combines nicely with the Family Bank and FTI Credit Resources℠ to transform your possibilities in business. Consulting businesses charge $1,500 to $25,000 to bring some of these tools to your business. Once you’ve entered into a deferral transaction with us, we are ready to help you grow in ways that can be transformational.


Identify the untapped value trapped by weak operations


Benchmark your company against your peers


Identify Red Flag threats to growth and value


See how you stack up compared to industry best practices

Add Value To Your Balance Sheet Now!

Our Value Builder℠ process increases the liquidity and profitability of businesses and real estate.  Use it to command more money, know when buyers are lying to you, analyze businesses and assets for acquisition and sale, and manage execution strategies proven to enhance profitability and cash flows.

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