Case Studies

Hopson Partners With CSS, LLC

(317) 268-8880 Hopson Partners with CSS, LLC Hopson was about to owe a $400,000 tax bill. For $27,000, we gave him asset protection, reinvestment in his next deal, and new deductions. Hopson knows land development. He also went through the 2008 credit crunch. He knows titling with partial ownership and friendly equity stripping can prevent creditors…

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Using the Intermediary Option

(317) 268-8880 Using the Intermediary Option East coast doctor, Martin Diaz, M.D. sold his practice to a medical group for substantial value, much to be recognized ordinary income. His practice was in a C-corp. Substantial fees were being paid for consulting, personal goodwill, and a noncompete. On top of other income for the year, taxes…

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Tom & Mick – Using the Vendor Option

(317) 268-8880 Tom & Mick – Using the Vendor Option Tom and Mick’s S-corporation was being purchased by a much larger entity for approximately $50 million. The two largest shareholders represented about 65% of the total shares in a relationship of 45% to 20%. Other shareholders held between 4 and 12% each. All were looking…

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