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Growth Enterprise Partnerships

Defer, Scale, Achieve, Sell

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Investment Approach

What Makes Us an Irreplaceable Partner?

  • The Control You Keep
  • The Skills and Contacts We Bring
  • The Competitive Advantage We Give
  • Tools & Processes to Enhance Your Success

A Brief Summary

growth enterprise pie

Operations & Strategies

Scaling operations and strategy is newly available with lower tax burdens. LP helps companies grow where markets and customers ensure dynamic profit growth.

Cash Flows

An LP partnership means better cash flows, financial flexibility, and ability to explore strategic M&A transactions, thereby opening doors to faster growth.

Exit Preparedness

Being prepared to exit is crucial for small companies great offers and Uber-scale change events can exponentially impact value of your business. Let LP help you add preparedness to your systems.

Defer, Scale, Achieve, Sell

LP enters partnerships with entrepreneurs hungry for a competitive edge, or reluctant to pay large capital gain taxes that effectively cost 10 to 20 years of a business life. Our business proposal is to invest intellectual capital, strategic advice and business expertise for 10 to 50% of the upside benefits we provide. This results in a 3 to 10x Multiplier result. Our partners are always self-sustaining, already successful enterprises or property owners. We enhance the benefits of that success, convert ordinary income to capital gain, increase incomes, growth, and profitability, and lower taxes for our partners.

We always quantify expected results before engaging. We are agile and can quickly move to engagement with timely solutions to pressing problems. We understand the importance of minimally impacting ongoing operations, both before and after we make an investment of ourselves.


We strive to partner on the active business side in growth opportunities with proven winners who will likely exit within 3 to 5 years. We rise and fall with those we join.

Our business model for a growing business is much like that of a farmer partnering with a developer on the farmer’s property. We are like the developer who helps the farmer maximize value. Our money comes with the farmer’s success.

As a farmer brings valuable land to a developer and partners through smart planning to enjoy primarily deferred capital gain and substantially more income, so our partners bring valuable assets and businesses to us. They stay in control while we enhance returns, convert ordinary income to capital gain, and defer the gain. This minimally results in 25 to 40% more income from pre-tax principal, and usually much more.