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Growth Enterprise Partnerships

Defer, Scale, Achieve, Sell

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Investment Criteria

We typically invests in cash flow positive businesses, most of which have been “bootstrapped” or have received little other institutional investment capital. We seek to partner with strong teams who will continue to lead superior execution throughout our passive investment. We anticipate successful long-term profitability together beyond exit from current assets.

Profile of Companies We Like

  • Target Size: Profitable businesses with revenues under $100.0 million. Profitable real estate with transactional value under $100.0 million.
  • Transaction Types: Growth, Exits, Recapitalization, Partnerships, 1031 Bailouts
  • Investment Focus: Highly appreciated assets and growing businesses with profits in excess of $500,000 of owner living requirements
  • Preferred Investment: Equity
  • Investment Size: $1.0 million and up
  • Geographies: US owned businesses and foreign owned businesses in the US