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We are the ultimate private equity firm for those who know how to create wealth. If you are looking to sell your business within the next 3-5 years, talk to us about how we can maximize your value.

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Legendary Partners, LLC partners with wealth builders to enhance asset preservation and growth. We invest our expertise in profitable businesses for non-controlling slivers of equity.


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Building outstanding businesses takes great communication and grounding. Talk to us to vastly improve the success you already enjoy. 


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Our deep expertise, gained from decades of helping entrepreneurs maximize profits in real estate and diverse companies is a powerful advantage to our partners.


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A systematic, proven approach to creating enduring value clearly distinguishes Custom Structured Settlements and elevates its partners.

Growth Enterprise Partnerships

For immediate and longstanding benefits, including increased cash flows, profitability, scaling, and exit pricing

The Power In What We Do

When You're Able to Reinvest 100% vs 70% of Your Dollars...

You double your money in half the time, and you can finally focus on what matters most in life.

Extra assets = more energy and more focus for you to make a positive impact on the world. Chances are, if you're reading this, you are gifted with the ability to create wealth, and you need to pass that gift on to everyone else.


Walter Robb, Ph.D. - Chairman & Interim CEO, Cyclics Corporation, Board Member of 11 organizations across 15 industries, New York

"As a 20 year direct protégé of Jack Welch’s at GE, active philanthropist and the board member of many publicly traded entities, I have worked with numerous attorneys. This is the first testimonial I have ever given for professional work. It is well-earned.  Over the years, Jim has saved me several million dollars in taxes. He is easy to work with and responsive. His unique capabilities and insight make a huge difference. He deserves your confidence. I give him my highest recommendation."

Gary Adamson - CEO, Dicor Corporation Elkhart, IN

"Jim is honest, thoughtful, bright, and informed. I cannot recommend Jim highly enough. Over nearly 20 years, Jim has loyally and faithfully provided powerful planning options to our family and business. We have more substantially more money and family protection because of Jim."

Johnne Syversen - CEO, Syversen Strege & Company, West Des Moines, Iowa

"Jim is one of the most creative and powerful tax planners I know. At the same time, he never loses sight of family well-being and long-term holistic planning. We have many attorney advisors and tools available to us. Jim generously shares his time to help us match creative solutions with the right technical local attorneys. I consider Jim a key go-to person for high-level, technically-sound solutions."