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Overview of Virtual Estate Planning System (VEPS)

Virtual Estate Planning System Overview

Our online Virtual Estate Planning System (VEPS) is your portal to securely create, store, update, and share an estate plan that will help protect your legacy and your family for generations to come. The first step of the legacy planning process is to create the traditional set of estate plan documents that will cover the…

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Types of Family Trust Documents

Learn About Trust Documents

The types of family trust documents you need depend on the context in which you apply the term "family trust." If a family trust is from a family trust-based plan, then you need a power of attorney, a pour-over will, healthcare disclosure documents, and a living trust. If a family trust stems from a will-based…

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Documents that Should be Part of Everyone's Estate Plans

A living trust is more expensive to set up than a testamentary trust, but without a trust or will, if beneficiaries of a life insurance policy are under 18 years old, for example, the estate will have to go through probate. The cost to probate the … Read more: Documents that Should be Part of…

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Documents Show Details on Romney Family Trust

New details on investments held by the Romney family’s trusts, as well as aggressive strategies that appears to have been used to minimize its investors’ and partners’ tax liabilities … Read more: Documents Show Details on Romney Family Trust

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