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Traditional Estate Planning Compared To Legacy Planning

1 Pillar of Support Compared to 4 — Focus on Life and Living Purpose, alignment, trust and communication- building and preparedness are about life and living. Focus on people first. In a study of 2,600 adult children and parents, when asked to choose only one of the four Legacy Planning Pillars, not one person surveyed…

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Business Succession Planning is Essential Part of Family Estate Plan

Whether you are a royal family or an entrepreneur, every family with any assets to leave to the next generation puts family members in business. Occasionally, the estate’s assets are easily and quickly disseminated over a short period of time with understanding and harmony. Billion-Dollar Babies, Carpenter’s Sons and GenXers All Need a Strong Family…

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The Secret of Successful Estate Plans

Family Estate Stories

Did you know that 70% of estate plans fail? In estate planning, the definition of “fail” is that the heirs are involuntarily parted from their assets. Several studies and many experts support this statistic, which is consistent with the reality that only 25% to 30% of family-operated businesses successfully continue from one generation to the…

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