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Heir Preparedness: Estate Planning For Long-Term Family Success

Generational Succession Systems Help Sustain Family Core Values Below are the eight areas of a legacy planning estate plan that create a strong and healthy structure upon which your family can build long-term success: (Click links to scroll down for more information.) Family Education Family Philanthropy Family History & Resources Family Reunions Family Financial Health…

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What Is A Family Trust?

Illustration by Mathieu CHAINE courtesy of Wikipedia under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

A family trust is usually intended to either honor and/or provide for family. Nearly every kind of trust that does not have a charity and non-family members as beneficiaries is considered a "family trust" of some kind. A family trust anticipates a connection with others that is usually blood-based. But when one drills down more…

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