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Overview of Virtual Estate Planning System (VEPS)

Virtual Estate Planning System Overview

Our online Virtual Estate Planning System (VEPS) is your portal to securely create, store, update, and share an estate plan that will help protect your legacy and your family for generations to come. The first step of the legacy planning process is to create the traditional set of estate plan documents that will cover the…

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New Tax Laws Make Some Trusts' Investment Income Taxable in 2014

An article published on Bloomberg’s website reported on recent changes to the tax laws that make some trusts’ previously-exempt net investment income taxable in 2014. According to the report, Adrienne Mikolashek, an attorney with the IRS Office of Chief Counsel, stated, “Once a trust distributes net investment income to a beneficiary under the Internal…

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Investment Audits

Typically, trustees have an obligation to have an investment policy that includes scheduled periodic audits of a trust’s investments. Usually, the default for a trust is that the trustee has to meet the highest “prudent man” standards in the investment of assets, which means they should not be used for entrepreneurial purposes. Trustee Should Be…

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